I administered passionately a Spanish institute in Costa Rica for over thirteen years, that passion has led my wife and me to form our own immersion program. We have a professional team with many years of experience in the teaching of our language. Our goal is to be an excellent school academically, as well as a meeting point where we can share with our visitors not only our language, but also our culture. Here at Español Extremo we work hard to be a language academy "PURA VIDA“.

-Mauricio Gómez

Español Extremo

We are a Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica, owned and  directed by  a Costarican family. This will assure you a real Latin-American experience during your stay in our school.  Español Extremo Institute is placed in Parrita, a small countryside village, located just 30 minutes away from two world famous destinations, Jaco city and Manuel Antonio National Park, local buses pass by the school every 30 minutes and ride is just 40 minutes.  Parrita town is not yet a tourism developed city, so that, our students can live in a real Costarican's life style town. Most of the citizens do not speak English, therefore, students will be exposed to and interacting native Spanish speakers. Local beach is just ten minutes distance from our school.

Our students come to Costa Rica from all over the world to learn Spanish. Since we have students from a wide range of nationalities with different needs and interests, we offer a wide range of Spanish levels and courses.  We will have a course suitable for you.

Our teaching approach is modern and communicative. This means students at our schools learn Spanish by using it in class, rather than just 'studying it' passively.  Above all, we want our courses to give our students not only a theoretical knowledge of Spanish, but also a practical ability to use the language; to understand the language and be able to express themselves clearly in it. Our enthusiastic and highly-motivated teaching team will do their best to ensure that you have an extremely effective, yet at the same time very enjoyable language-learning experience. 

Pura Vida!